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Calling at Groom Shops

I make it a point to always have one of my better casual shirts and shined shoes
when I make my calls. Perhaps that is part of the reason shops accept the bit higher
rates that I charge over the other guy who works this area from time to time.
Who knows.
But today I had to drop off some work and make a few calls on the way home from visitation for a buddy who died. So I had on a nice shirt, sweater and spiffy leather jacket.
Just forgot what I was wearing and started in working my shops to save a trip tomorrow.
Well, I got TWO nice tips and a remarkable number of scissors to sharpen in, say, an hour and a half. Seemed a bit strange at the time.
When I got home I realized I may have been a little overdressed for calling on shops
But after reflecting on the work load and TWO tips, I just may dress up more often when I make my calls.

Re: Calling at Groom Shops

Thats a good point Greg. I always dress well whenI pick up sharpening as well. I recently raised my prices from $12.00 to $14.00 for grooming scissors, and $7.00 for clipper blades, and no one batted an eye.