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Thank you, James

I'm perhaps five months into scissors sharpening and it is growing each week.
The foundation you gave me was solid and I'm making good money thanks to the training you gave me.
I've recently set things up on my truck and that has increased business a lot.
When Sunday and Monday arrive each week, I find myself looking forward to the work week ahead to meet new people, try out new ideas and see where this new road takes me.
I'm having a blast.
Totally looking forward to learning clipper blades from you as soon as I can come to Kansas City.
Thank you-
Greg Jones

Re: Thank you, James

Quote Reply Re: Thank you, James

I am always happy when a person such as yourself comes and gets training. I know you know now just how important it is to get good training as it makes all the difference in how your new customers receive you. You want to be the best sharpener in your neighborhood your first day out on the job, and you are an example of just how easy that can be with the right training.

Reading can only get you so far then you need hands on, one on one training. You made the right choice to come and get trained, and now it is paying off for you as it has for many others. I would encourage anyone who is serious about becoming a sharpener to get trained somewhere. Make sure the person you go to is a successful sharpener, and don't just take his word for it, check with others who have trained with him.

Again, thank you for putting your confidence in me!