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Good service

I recognise that I'm new at this scissors sharpening gig and have a lot to learn.
Along with the fine training I got from you, James, I count other sharpeners who work my area as teachers also. Because I learn from their mistakes.

I hear from customers about other sharpeners:
"Well its not so much that he did a bad job really, its just that he doesn't come around regularly and the last year or so we see him less and less."

We tend to think of the technical side of this business and also obsess about the money. We forget that we deal with PEOPLE and provide a SERVICE that shops really value.
Did I say competition? I really don't have any competition. I recognised right away that- along with competent sharpening- showing up regularly and doing what I tell a customer I'm going to do astounds many and gratifies the rest.
(To paraphrase Mark Twain).
Yes, I learned from other sharpeners who work my area and may or may not be good sharpeners that they certainly aren't competition.
Service. Period. that's what I provide and I meet a lot of interesting people as I provide it. My 'competition' has taught me that if I focus on providing competent,
regular service and do what I say I'm going to do that the $$$ follows automatically.
Thanks again, James, for introducing me to this interesting new world.
I can't wait for Tuesday to get here so I can call on more shops.
Greg Jones