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The Cyril Cusack discussion forum

Welcome to the discussion forum. Please post your thoughts about Cyril Cusack and his work.

The Cyril Cusack discussion forum
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Your favorite CC roles

Since a great actor can often make a character come to life in a mediocre film, or have only a minor role in a great film, I'll make this a separate question: What are your favorite Cyril Cusack roles and why?

Re: Your favorite CC roles

Fahrenheit 451 is a film that he really gets a big part in. Day of the Jackal is an excellent film, even though Cyril's appearance is more like cameo, he does the part as the Gunsmith well.

Bob Assingham

Somebody has posted on YouTube the 1972 TV adaptation of "The Golden Bowl" by Henry James. It's not an easy work to make sense of for a modern audience without travesty, but Cusack does a wonderful job of holding it together as a participant narrator.