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Putting Moishele To Bed

I hope we can finally put the superfluous argument whether Moshe Lador associates himself publicly with Matzuva or not and start putting more positive input into this great website.

Below an extract from an article in Hebrew that appeared in the “The Kibbutz” weekly journal of the United Kibbutz Movement on 23.11.2007

* * * * *
Between the boquets of flowers that arrived at the office of Moshe Lador the State Attorney elect was one also from the Matzuva secretariat. Moishele a son of the kibbutz, says his friends from their, Tamar (sister of Uri Lev)and Nitzan Reuven who maintain ongoing contacts with him. "Last Sukkot (end-September)we took him for a tour of the kibbutz orchards to see the ripening pomegranates, avocado and bananas. Moishele always remembers with nostalgia how in his youth he plowed the kibbutz fields on a tractor".
* * * * *

There was a medium size earthquake (4.2)this morning
in the region of Ben-Gurion airport - thankfully no damage.
Over 120 mm. of rain fell at Matzuva on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. We really needed this first and significant rainfall.

Have a good week everyone

Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

Thank G-d for that!!!!!!!!!!
Brilliant Baruch - have a great week!

Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

'plowed'? This is how to spell the word ploughed?

For someone who makes such a great play of coming from Liverpool, (England)...stop being such a sycophant, & at least learn how to spell according to the manner you were educated.

Or did that particular attribute pass you by, along with the lack of charm?

Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

I am annoyed that after opening the thread I had to see the last message,What a waste of tim!!.I ( i am speaking on behalf of many of us I am sure) really do not give a ...... how you spell plowed or ploughed.
What is important that we keep informed about.what is happening in Matzuva.
Baruch is one of a few people who keep on doing this.
Silly that I reacted to your ... message.
By the way,I mentioned it before,for you ex matzubians, join matzuva's site on Facebook.
ps. Try not to correct my English, it won't help anyway.
Have a good weekend.

Ploughing v. plowing

The story of ploughing v. plowing reminds me of some Kitat Ayalah guys who pinched a tractor and left the plough down while driving away.
I guess they even didn't know how to lift it.
Next morning Nitsan Reuven came and saw how they ruined the floor and the mess they left. He didn't like it and the local security chief was called to investigate the matter, but I guess that till today nobody in Matsuva knows who really did it....
BTW 1: I never knew that Liverpool is such a great yiches....
BTW 2: Why do you call מצובה in your site Matzuba and not Matzuva or Matsuva or Matsuvah?

Köszönöm szépen
Ferenc Bácsi

Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

All I can say is that it is a shame that ‘midir, Tante Marie, and Oom Kees’ cannot identify themselves and are so self righteous.
Perhaps if they have nothing of real importance to add then they should refrain from doing so especially when the remarks become personal!
I am all for healthy debate, and we all have the right to air our views, but to be so trivial with their comments, and not have the bravado but hide behind alias’s just goes to show what type of character is behind these (this) people (person) !!

By the way Ferenc Bácsi, I know the identity of the person who ‘pinched the tractor .....

Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

Sharon, I cannot wait to hear who ever pinched that tractor.

Re: Moshe Lador finally installed

Well well Midir

Without wasting too much of your valuable time I would like to state the following:

1.I'm proud to be an Israeli peasant living happily as a member of Kibbutz Matzuva.

2.I'm also proud of my roots and of my home town Liverpool.

So what's with you Midir? You obviously don't choose
to identify yourself on this website although it's been mentioned recently that contributers to the site should insert their names. Maybe you are not proud of something or have something to hide!

Re ploughed or plow - most alumni have come from North America and in Israel I would say American influence is greater than that of the U.K.
I work predominantly in American English and it's my prerogative to use whatever form of English I choose.
Both forms of English are acceptable throughout the world.

Random House (USA)

plow (plou) n., v., plowed, plow•ing — n.1. an agricultural implement used for cutting, lifting, turning over, and partly pulverizing soil. 2. any of various implements resembling or suggesting this, as a contrivance for clearing away snow from a road or track.

Webster (USA)
Plough - chiefly British

Oxford (British)
Plough (plow)

(US plowed)
• adjective (of land) having been ploughed

End of 3rd lesson.

I'm sure we would all be delighted to know who you are and even enjoy some positive imput from you. That's what this website is all about!

Regards to all


Matsuva or Matsuvah? Ferenc - the correct transliteration from the Hebrew (Matzuva is mentioned in the Talmud) is M A T Z U V A. The former German
influence in Israel did use the letter B instead of the correctly pronounced V.
Anyway, whatever way it's written it's OK with us.

Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

As usual Baruch, most eloquently put....

Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

Long Live the King!! (Melech HaMoshiach)

Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

Dear Barukh Qadmon,

When you are teaching you should do it properly!
To blame the Yekkes for your mistakes is not really fair (and we in Merseyside are known for being fair).

The truth is that some of the old-timers wanted to adopt the Galilean dialect spoken in Rosh Pina and Kfar Tavor, in which a dagesh is put in the ב. They would say "zbub" for זבוב instead of "zvuv".
I quote:
למשל החליטו לפתח ניב גלילי של עברית – לקחו אותו מאנשי פקיעין וחצביה ומרמזים מהמשנה. בעברית גלילית יש רק ב דגושה!

That is the source of Matzuba!

If you really want to know how to transliterate from Hebrew to English have a look at the following link:

שמור על עצמך ואל תקח את החיים כל כך קשה


BTW Bouquet is written with ou and not with an o, try using your spell-checker ....

Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

For heaven's sake - enough!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

Maybe we should open a new heading, but i am all for a bit of hair splitting on this board.
I say "the more the merrier", keeps the board alive.
You may notice some times weeks go past and not one message
Reminds me a bit of the weekly members meeting in the old kibbutz.For weeks there was a discussion about some body who wanted to put an antenna on his roof.
The same evening there was a 10 minutes discussion about spending thousands of shekels for something, and a quick vote finished the matter.
keep up sending those messages, WITH YOUR REAL NAME please!

Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

In order to put us all out of our misery I'll respond to the observations by "Ferenc" directly by e-mail to him rather than dwelling on a typo error here or there.

What is interesting is the finding by our veteran member Zvi Am-Ad of what he maintains is an earlier mention of Matzuva than the one mentioned in the Talmud. The tract found in Divrei Hayamim I - I Chronicles 21 lists the heroes of King David including "יעשיאל המצביה" (Yashiel the Matzvia).There are 50 heroes listed each with his name followed by his place of abode. This could mean Matzuva existed about 3000 years ago.
When I've got further details from Zvi I'll post them on the site. I should mention that another of our veteran members Yehuda Ben-Moshe contests this claim.


Re: Putting Moishele To Bed

Nu, we put Moishele to bed, this does not mean that we all have to go to sleep.
So start writing something on the message board.
i am checking how many people will open this message.