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Matzuva Update May 2008

Hi Everyone
Well after the Pesach (Passover)festival of eating Matzot, the Mimouna (Morrocan community)celebration of eating calory-rich sweet pancakes and cookies life in Israel returned to routine everyday life. This routine is one of continuous tragic hostilities and senseless fatalities. But life does go on - remembering on Holocaust Day here and approaching the day of remembrance for the fallen in Israel's struggle for peace and security. Immediately after we celebrate Israel's 60th Birthday with events at Matzuva as is the case throughout the country.
The shape of Matzuva of the future is slowly moving towards facts on the ground. Stage 1 of the Matzuva community village has been completely sold-out (41 plots). Approach roads have been laid and support walls have been erected and we will see intensive building of homes quite soon. The second stage shows that 60 of the 66 plots have been marketed with most candidates having been vetted by the acceptance committee. We now have the possibility of marketing the remaining plots having been granted an extension - the process enabling the kibbutz to use revenues towards partly coving its debt and the "mutual aid" fund. Infrastructure work is scheduled to begin in the final quarter of 2008. Stage 3 - 119 plots have been approved due to the success of marketing Stage 1 and 2. Reaching the marketing stage will take at least a year. Thus, the community village (Nofey Matzuva)will consist of 226 plots plus/minus and will change the demographic picture of Matzuva dramatically.
The plots at the site of the children's farm are nearly all sold and of course they are all belong to new members of the kibbutz. We already have cases of heirs taking possession of homes of their deceased Matzuva parents - they must also have to be accepted as kibbutz members.
Infrastructure and development is also evident on the kibbutz proper - for instance, a new member is converting the ulpan classrooms building into a residence and the approach road to the ulpan has been paved with sidewalks lighting and parking. The children's playground is to be rebuilt and equipped with the cemetery also being enlarged. Roads are to be widened as well as improvements to the services infrastructures. Water is a real problem at Matzuva and the rest of the country with the Sea of Galilee being at a dangerously low level.

Finally, we look forward to celebrating Israel's 60th birthday celebrations at Matzuva and invite ex-ulpan students and volunteers to make a nostalgic visit to Matzuva in the not too distant future.

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Best regards

Re: Matzuva Update May 2008

Thanks for the update its always nice to hear things are going upon Matzuva.

Re: Matzuva Update May 2008

Well done and ‘Ishar Coach’ to Baruch on his interesting reports and also many thanks to Max on his photographic skills – you are both providing all regular readers & clickers of this site with much useful written and visual updates of our former beloved home.

Re: Matzuva Update May 2008

Now you can read all of Baruch's postings, old and new at: