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A Reunion

I would like to organise a reunion from my time at the Kibbutz which was September 1993 to May 1994.
If you were a volunteer if you were there at the time or have contact details for anyone that was then please get in touch.

To Max
Would the kibbutz still have lists or contact details for the people that were there at the time as i cant find my blue card that we all signed when we left.

Many thanks


Re: A Reunion

Gary shalom, thanks for writing.
There is probably still some documentation from ex Ulpan people classes 1993-1994.
There are NO volunteer records how ever.Your best bet is to advertise in this message board your ideas and wait for answers.
In any old list, there are of course NO e-mail addresses, in complete street names etc. folks moved, changed names , got married etc, in short hard to trace.
All the best,
great idea, Max N.

Re: A Reunion

Shalom Max
I hope things are well upon Matzuba
I was out with a volunteer on wednesday and we was saying how good a reunion would be so i thought i would try to do one. I know it will be very hard to get in touch everyone but i will be prepaired to do something if i get people intrested.
London could be a venue and as there were a lot danes swedes and norweigians we could hold it one of those countries and if it was possible and people wanted to come my choice would to have it at the kibbutz if that was possible.
If i can get a list i will see who wants to come and where they would like it held.

Re: A Reunion

Sorry its been a long day
i meant if i can get in contact with people.
If anyone out there has there old blue card aplease get in touch

Many thanks Gary

Re: A Reunion

Hello Gary

I think I was at Matsuva at the same time as you! Are you the Gary who was friends with Steve Oliver?

I was on the Kibbutz between January and August 94 and would love to get together with other volunteers for a reunion. Am still in touch with Anna, but have lost contact details for everyone else over the years - would love to find Heidi Morgan and Fiona and Steve.

Think it'd have to be London for me, although the idea of going to Israel is great, dont' think possible atm.

Charlie x

Re: A Reunion

Hello Charlie

I am the Gary thats friends with Steve and im still in contact with him. How are you and i hope everything is well.
Thanks for replying.

Re: Re: A Reunion

Hello Charlie
I´ve been looking for you, often been thinking an smiling, wondering how you are. So ho are you?
love Karin

Re: Re: A Reunion

Hi guys,

I also was in Matzuva in 1994 and a reunion is a great idea! But I see Gary's question was 4yrs ago, so maybe you allready had one?

I met Jorrit last year by accident. He also lives in Amsterdam.

Would be really nice to hear from you!