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A bit of this, a bit of that

Hi Max and everybody on Matzuva

Ulpan course no.37, 1984, missing name is Berg Heliosdotter, we used to call her "Bergie", she was a very nice shy girl, by the way could not find the picture of this Ulpan and I know there is one because a few years ago I made a copy of it and is still hanging above my desk.I will have a look through my photo albums again I`m sure I have some pictures of more kibbutz members/ ulpanists and volunteers you can use for your archive. Sorry I haven`t been in contact for so long, life is hectic on the other side but I wil have to make an effort to take time and visit the Matzuva website more often. I noticed that there are very few people from around 1982/83 who have signed the guestbook, maybe they didn`t enjoy their time as much as I did. We are all well and living in Holland ( for te last 8 years now) although I am at this very moment in Venezuela for work. Anybody who was on Matzuva from summer 1982 till about spring 1984, lets hear what happened with you all the last 25 years.I Wish all the people on Matsuva an happy and healthy life, greetings from Alex and family

Re: A bit of this, a bit of that

Hi Alex, great to hear from you.
It is quite possible that people are missing from lists ,or that no photos have been posted.
Sometimes information was missing, no photos on the form, Impossible to read handwriting etc.
Some information was only in Ivrith and names were hard to decipher.
You are welcome to add your photos tot he site.
Alex send me an e-mail with your adress and phone number.
All the best,

Re: A bit of this, a bit of that, reply to Max.

Hallo Max en Matzuva
Ons adres is; Dirk Wierengastraat 3, 1602TJ, Enkhuizen,tel.thuis +31-228-324215 en mijn is +31-615965338, mijn e-mail adres is < > , ik ben veel op reis en weinig thuis dus, vanaf 13 Juli ben ik ca. 4 weken thuis voordat ik weer op reis moet.Als ik thuis ben zal ik weer wat foto`s scannen en op jullie website posten. Is Matzuva officieel nog een kibbutz?, ik dacht dat de staus veranderd was. Denk nog vaak aan de tijd dat we op de kibbutz hebben door gebracht en zoals iedereen altijd zegt, het heeft mijn leven veranders en beinvloedt en dat is echt zo, toch wel indrukwekkend wat het leven in Israel en op een kibbutz teweeg brengt in een mens, hoop snel van je te horen en ik zal proberen toch nog een keer jullie kant op te komen voordat het te laat is. vraagje; heb jij een e-mail adres van Tami Ben David? zou graag in contact willen komen met haar als zij dat tenminste wil.Is Philip Ehrlich nog op Matzuva?, groetjes aan iedereen, groetjes van Alex en familie.

Re: A bit of this, a bit of that

Hi Alex,
I was there spring 82-summer 82; then left for HUJI. Like you, I have the best of memories. Took Ulpan with Shaul Keres; worked in textiles (large and small) and bananas. (Where else could you add those to your resume?!). Our ulpan was huge -- 60 or so, as I recall. Am glad the years have been kind to you.