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how do I feel

I am by no means a blogger, but feel the need now and then to write a few words to our relatives and friends by means of the internet.
How do we live here in the kibbutz where until now there is NO war,
Shelters are being cleaned, i got my bullet proof vest and helmet back in case of need.
The military near the border makes sure there will be no surprises from that site.
Many sons of Matzuva are in the army, some in Gaza which of course is a big concern for the parents, but everybody here worries, not only about them but also about everything else in respect to this war.Also my son is in the army now.
We here see on the TV lots of footage from Israel what happens here,, but of course we also watch the overseas channels which send their best reporters over to tell you all about the 'bad" things the Israeli army is doing in Gaza, gory details, which we never saw from Ruanda or the Congo
.We also feel terrible about the killing of innocent children and women believe me.
One of the reasons however that so many are killed in Gaza is that the Hamas is using the civilian population as shields, the civilians are not allowed sometimes to go away .If we look at the shooting of the Unwra school, as an example , lots of victims, we are shocked of course.,
In your country they do not show you probably a video from a drone where it shows the same school with students and at the same time you see mortars being fired from the grounds of this school of the UNWRA , peculiar is not it?
I have no time or patience to read all the newspaper articles being sent to me, some of them heartwarming for use, but the main stream goes with the underdog.
This underdog , the Palestinians are used by the Hamas, an Islamic extremist group, who want first to get rid of Israel, after that it will be Europe's turn. "wake up little Suzy""
Hard to believe that we can be good friends in some years, as it happened after the second world war with England Germany Usa?
maybe you forgot , or never even knew. :
the Germans bombed London in 1941 for 57 concecituve nights 34.000 dead many "innocent people"
The Allied forces in 2 nights in Feb. 1945 killed between 32.000 and 40.000 people in Drezden ,Germany ( the number of victims is quoted by British and German sources).
Why they did not bomb the train lines to Auschwitz ,Dachau and other camps is still a riddle for many of us.
Ok, enough for now, as i wrote I am not a blogger.