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my last message, ulpan, summer 1986

Shalom kibbutzniks,
I just want to say thanks for leaving my message on your site- [to the doctor at that time] I was not in a fit state to reply to that man. I was completely numb and could only laugh at the things he said to me. I have carried this for a long time and it feels odd expressing this. I would like to know what happened to this person. Is he still on Matzuba?
Thanks, Paula

Re: my last message, ulpan, summer 1986

Dear Paula, i am sorry to hear that after 23 years you still bear a grudge against the kibbutz doctor in 1986.
i do not remember right now who was our doctor then.
However, let me tell you that this doctor was NOT a member of Matzuva. Doctors are appointed to a kibbutz through the medical insurance scheme from which the kibbutz is a member.
The kibbutz has very little say which doctor will work in our clinic and he or she cannot be changed unless there are very good reasons why he or she should not practice any more.
Since 1986 we had quite a few doctors, some better than others.
Stay healthy!!

Re: my last message, ulpan, summer 1986

Dear Max,
Thanks for your response and clarification about doctors on kibbutz. Yes, it was 23 years ago that I was on kibbutz Matzuba. I did not go looking for this site, I found it quite by accident. I typed in my name on google and clicked on search.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got this link. I began thinking, remembering my time on Ulpan, the friends, the people including the weirdos, the fun and the sadness.

Each of us has a unique story. The memory of the death of a loved one has no time restrictions. Grief is a difficult enough experience when one is at home with other family members. It is certainly more difficult when one is on the other side of the world without any emotional support.

Expressing myself, about a cruel injustice perpetrated by an individual on the kibbutz was not an attack or criticism of the kibbutz, but a way of completing this experience for me. There was nothing said about holding the kibbutz responsible for that persons inappropriate behaviour.

Please be careful of YOUR wording re bearing a grudge, no one was criticising you or the kibbutz. If my message was disturbing for anyone, so be it. Any injustice should disturb us as "menchen"

I make no apologies for speaking out after 23 years. The time was right for me.
Thanks and SHALOM

Re: my last message, ulpan, summer 1986

Dear Paula
Thanks for your post - We understand and sympathize with the understandable traumatic period you went through on your bereavement while at Matzuva. I'd just like to reiterate the message from Max and emphasize that the said doctor was not a member of Matzuva and was appointed by the General Health Services organization.
The said doctor's appointed was terminated at the request of the kibbutz at a later stage and subsequently replaced by a family doctor also from the same General Health Services.

We wish you well and hope you also have happy memories from your time at Matzuva.