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My time on kibbutz Matzuba

Dear Baruch and Max,
Thank you for taking the time to respond to my message. I would like to reiterate that my initial message was ONLY to the person that was the doctor on kibbutz at that time. I did not know that he was not a member.

My time on kibbutz Matzuba was a very important part of my life. Learning hebrew [which I had rejected as a teenager] meeting people from all over the world, working in the kitchen [I was always in the kitchen, I am used to that] or the moadon shal chaverim, the disco on friday night, living in a style completely different from what I was accustomed to, -it was fantastic.

I remember going into Naharia and practicing my hebrew, I asked for 40 packets of Europa cigarettes. [I got a little confused with fem/masculine and numbers]and wondered why the shopkeeper looked at me strangely.

I was on my way home after travelling to Europe after leaving kibbutz and saw Nancy [American], she and Gershon [English] had had a baby about 2 weeks before my father died. She was on her way to visit her family in USA [maybe] He was funny, always kidding.

They were my unofficial kibbutz family. She was walking her baby and had passed me at the phone when I got the news. She was kind and compassionate and took me back to their house that day.

I have been reading some of the items on the site. So, no more ulpans? Shame. How has Matzuba survived these years? What does the kibbutz produce today? I remember working with textiles in the factory once. I would like to come back and visit one day.
Shalom Paula

Re: My time on kibbutz Matzuba

If you go to:
Read through the site and it will answer all your questions..
We keep the site updated with regular updates on Baruch's page, and you will be able to view many photos in the various albums.

Re: My time on kibbutz Matzuba

Wow cool. Thats the first time this message board got interesting. It's like an episode of In Treatment.

Re: IT? In Treatment?

Hey Eitan, please describe what 'In Treatment' is about -never heard of it.
{or are they personal sessions?}

I am interested in hearing from other people on the kibbutz who would like to write to me in OZ.

The new front page looks really good.

Re: IT? In Treatment?

Google In Treatment and you'll get your answer.

Re: IT? In Treatment?

Well Eitan, Just googled [is that language?] IT, and saw some clips. Looks like my kind of show - LOVE psychology. - Why else would I have become a counsellor? We do not have this series in OZ- sad!

Just saw the new Star Trek movie last week, great. Did you have Star Trek on TV? Are there any trekkies on Matzuba? I have seen every episode many times over. Also Babylon 5. [More sci-fi]

Re: My time on kibbutz Matzuba

I lived on Kibbutz Matzuva From 1974-1976. It was one of the happiest times of my life. I had many different jobs: Bananas, Avocados, pulling weeds from the cotton, Kitchen, But the funniest was picking Rocks! We picked rocks to clear fields. Wonderful memories. I now live in Jacksonville, Florida. Retired from AT&T.

Re: My time on kibbutz Matzuba

Eitan are you still in Israel? Someone said you went to Canada... Have you ever heard from Deborah & Roy Belon? I lost them after the California earthquakes in the 80's. Then I went through Hurricane Andrew, Lost all of everything. Pictures & contact information. So I haven't found anyone. I was so excited to come across this site.