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Shalom Max,
I have photos from my ulpan days in 1986.As you seem to be the person with the photographic know-how, I am asking you. Are you interested in placing any of them on the site? And how to best do them, ie... does size matter?

I also noticed someone at Matzuba by the name of Kitty Nathans- member? I have a friend here in Melbourne, a lady called Kitty Nathan. [Actually Katherine] from England.. Her husband Ivan passed away last year.

Re: photos

i'm bram, kitty's nathans husband.and i'm still alive

Re: alive

Shalom Bram,
I am so glad to hear that YOU are alive.

The Kitty Nathan I was referring to lives here in South Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia. Her husband was Ivan. He passed away last year, aged 70something. Kitty is also 70something. Ivan's father, in his 90's is still with us. Kitty and her husband were from England, although at this moment I dont know from which area.

The coincidence of both Kittys having the same surname is interesting.

Live long and prosper.
Regards Paula

Re: Matuba 1986

hello Paula !

do you remmeber me ?

fabienne BLOCH

Re: Matsuba 1986

sorry Fabienne,
Its been a long time since I visited this site. Not much happens here. We should all put ourselves here so others will find us. Its very exciting after all these years. [not me, I'm still young!] Who else have you found?

Re: Matsuba 1986

Sorry if anyone has attempted to contact me. I changed servers when I moved my business. I would love to hear from you again Fabienne, and anyone else from our time. Does anyone have contact with Dana Flowers, or Eric? shalom

Re: photos

Paula shalom, i would suggest you add your photos to the Kibbutz matzuva site on facebook .This site's foto album is not so popular as it was i am afraid..
good luck,
Max nathans

Re: photos

How do you know that?
Do you know that we have over over 600 unique (meaning different)visits to the site every month!
There are readers of the Alon from all over the world too. That includes the photos too.
Whereas the majority of the movement on the Facebook site is by people living at Matzuva!

Re: photos

Hello Max and everyone else reading this.
I already posted some of my photos on facebook Matzuba. I am happy to share some with you if you choose, but that was not the reason I wrote this time.

I am happy to say that since I wrote on this site I have been contacted by 2 people from my old ulpan days. And I found another on facebook. Somehow word spreads, and I do not care how. I happen to like facebook too.

It would be nice to catch up or hear of others that I was friends with [that was most of the ulpan- my family]
Good shabbos to those that keep it,
shalom Paula

Re: photos

Of course i know THE SITE is popular and has a lot of hits. People want to read "the allon" which is very good.Also Baruch's updates are great reading. The message board people follow also i notice
However the photo site has been static for a long time.
Apart from the Ulpan groups which after a lot of work i added, there are only 6 photos. In the volunteer section are 14 pictures. Those 20 photos have been there a long time.
Facebook whether we like it or not has many followers from exMatzubians from all over the world.About statistics my Flickr had 158 hits yesterday.3VT
Sharon keep up the good work!!