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Looking for the SEGALI family

Hello to all.

My mother and Avri SEGALI were friends in Hungary, before WWII. My mother survived from Auschwitz and settled down in Paris (France). Avri came and stayed with us while he was studying arts and, although I was very young at that time, I remember quite well his stay and his teaching me the few words I still know in Hebrew.

Later, in 1961, we visited Israel and went to Kibbutz MAZUVA where we met him and Leah. I think I remember we met young Ezra, too, in the kibbutz.

Since his early stay in Paris, Avri had left us several paintings and drawings (included a portrait of myself) which I have tried to keep along with me, through many relocations between France and Spain.

For the first time since 1961, I am going to fly to Israel in October 2021 and I would like to know whether it is possible to receive news from Avri's family and, what would be a dream, pay a second visit to the kibbutz after... 60 years.

Any kind of help would be more than welcome and I look forward to it.

Stay all safe and in peace.

Marc Wetzler-Szejwach

Re: Looking for the SEGALI family

Hi Marc, I just saw your message about the Segali family. I was very friendly with the whole crew when I lived on the Kidbbutz
in 1980 as an Ulpan student from New York. You may not know, or hopefully you had heard that Leah and Avri had recently passed,
and they had three beloved children, Ezra, Amira and the youngest (whose name i am blanking on). They were my Kibbutz family
on Mazuva. Ezra was in charge of the Noi, the gardening, and Amira was an organizer of the sheep . I have not been there in 40 years, but have sent messages to Amira and the family that never got answered. The kibbutz has gone through a lot of changes,
and recovered from major decline in early 2000s as I understand. This website has a ton of information. I do not know where Amira and young Avri Jr. are living, but Ezra I believe with his family is still at Mazuva. I see that Ezra played a big part in creating Founders' Hill, the museum dedicated to the history and founding of this incredible place.
You probably know that the kibbutz being so close to Lebanese border and Hezbollah outposts has been a favored target of terrorists, even as far back as 1980, when I saw terrorists blasted out of hiding near next to northern Border fence, by Army helicopters. It was amazing to see. Then in last 20 years, an awful event on the main road south of Mazuv involving a sudden ambush on a jeep full of kibbutzniks. The kibbutz has had wonderful people over the years, many of whom are now gone. Many were my friends. One day I will go back to visit even though I will not know anyone. Good luck in your expedition to Mazuva and to Israel, still the most interesting country on earth. Am Yisrael Chai. Ken