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the invention of solitude -the inkwell and the squid

In the invention of solitude p. auster mentions pinocchio. He says that when Pinocchio recovered there was darkness everywhere, a darkness "so deep and so black that for a moment he thought he had been dipped head first into an inkwell." but in the actual book (pinocchio) Collodi says that he thought he had dipped his head into a squid full of ink".
A friend is trying to find out why auster may have changed the story turning an squid full of ink into an inkwell.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Re: the invention of solitude -the inkwell and the squid

maybe because Solitude is about the writing process. since the part about Pinnochio is a metaphor for the writer's solitude and creative process ("it is in this darkness... that the essentia creative act of the book takes place" )he uses an inkwell instead of a squid. Just as Pinnochio is dipped into the darkness (and creates himself), so Collodi dips his pen into the inwell and creates his work (which is also a way of creating himself).