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I heard from a friend that Paul Auster's was coming to Dublin (Ireland)to do a reading and talk??? Can anyone confirm this and tell me when and where he will be? I have searched the internet but nothing comes up, will be sorely dissappointed if its just a rumour.


Re: Ireland

Aoife. I found this link by Googling Paul Auster Dublin, Ireland 2009.

If you enter "Paul Auster" in the search field on that website, you'll actually get 5 entries, I believe.

Hope it works out well for you! Georgia.

Re: Ireland

Hi Georgia

thanks a mill, i found it. Its part of the Mountain to Sea Book Festival on in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin. His talk is on the 11 Sept at 6.30pm.

thanks again

Re: Ireland

Aoife! Did you make it to see Auster at the book festival in Dublin? And were you satisfied? What was it like?

~ Georgia.