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All of Auster's fiction available now

This is to let you know that iTunes and Audible have got a new catalogue of Auster's fiction work available - New York Trilogy, Timbuktu, Leviathan, Music of Chance etc. There's a free interview to download too.

Along with the already available Oracle Night, Brooklyn Follies Book of Illusions, Man in the Dark - that makes for a quite a nice treat.

I only wish Paul Auster had done the new readings. It would have made much more sense - he's obviously keen and willing to participate in the reading of his own work so I'm not sure why they farmed it out to actors. I believe Invisible will be read by him when it's released later this year.

Re: All of Auster's fiction available now

Thank you Daz. I'll at LEAST be getting that free interview!

~ Georgia.