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A new Paul Auster

Today I read a review in a dutch newspaper of the new Paul Auster. At the moment available in dutch translation. On the Waterstones website Invisible is announced for november this year

Re: A new Paul Auster

Yes, looking forward to the release of Invisible. The USA get it even earlier - late October.

There's a partial reading, by Paul Auster, available for download - in either audio or video at

- where you get to hear a good chunk of the book. The programme lasts an hour.

Also looking forward to listening to the whole book which will be available on cd alongside the book release.

Re: A new Paul Auster


Thanks for the weblink! Wonderfull to see and hear Paul Auster reading his new book.

I am also fan of his audiobooks. I "read" Man in the dark with on the background the audiobook version. Most of his books are available in audiobook.. Unfortunately we can't buy in europe the downloadversion from audible but the audio cd 's are a good alternative

More titles are available on Audible (Amazon) but are not narrated by Auster himself !! Exept for Man in the dark wich is narrated bij Auster himself.

with regards
Gotze Kalsbeek

Re: A new Paul Auster

For our dutch and Belgian readers the link to the review of the dutch translation of invisible in "Parool"

Re: A new Paul Auster

Hi all from Barcelona!

I just bought the book a few days ago at the FNAC (English edition, we'll see how it is...
Just in case you don't know, there's this interview at youtube:

Enjoy it!!