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Where to next?

I am approaching the end of Invisible having read all of Auster's novels, minus Timbuktu which I found unenjoyable.

My question is, who should I read next? I'm completely stumped.

Re: Where to next?

Better yet, try watching his stories made into movies, particularly The Music of Chance and Lulu on the Bridge. Those two were the most memorable for me. I believe Smoke was his most successful. There are others at

Also go online to find written and video interviews of Paul Auster. He is well read, and you'll find recommendations straight from him to you!

I've enjoyed Paul Auster's storytelling since 1997, and although my other favorites are nothing (that obviously) like his work, I've enjoyed John Stienbeck, John Irving, Carson McCullers, Grace Paley, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Robertson Davies, Oliver Sacks, Malcolm Gladwell, and one Auster recommends also, Charles Simic.

The reading we have to chose from is actually endless; you are smart to ask for a reference. Happy reading.

~ Georgia