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Israel and Turkey

Paul Auster compared Turkey with well known apartheid state of Israel . Paul was right when he said Turkey
has political prisoners and Israel does not have.
But mr Auster is not interested in the facts and details
Israel may not have any political prisoners because it assassinates them , simply brands them as terrorist and then kills them. It seems like this is all kosher for
mr Auster.

Re: Israel and Turkey

i have a question for u mr.paul which one is worse for u there is a country who has a 100 journalists r in prison or the country which is killed the kids,eldery people,woman and man ? and another thing u know how many journalist is in prison in Turkiye and do u know how many journalists r outside and doing their job ? and the last in my country we dont have death penalty do u have in your country ?? also believe none of Turkish people care your decision to not come to my country actually we dont need that kind of people like u in Turkiye