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Re: journalist prisoners in turkey

Dear Paul,

I also want to thank you for your sensitivity about the prisoned journalists in Turkey.

Recently, our minister, Recep Tayyip has answered you that he didnt care if you come to Turkey or not. So that means he also doesnt care about that over 100 journalists are in prison. Well, as you see, he proved how fascist he can be. Well, the case is, in fact, over 100 journalists were put and are being kept in prison by the government party and by himself, Recep Tayyip. The justice system is under the command of that reactionist and fascist government party! We just want you to know that and (if you can) express it to the world!

And if one day Turkey gets rid of this fascism, I hope that day you could come to Turkey.

With my best wishes,


Re: journalist prisoners in turkey

youre right! and ım sorry "paul auster is right"!thanks paul, ı wish be shame our artist this your big and good action!

Ashamed of our primeminister

Dear Mr. Auster,
I take the liberty to apologize in behalf of the mentally stable and literate people in Turkey, who feel as misrepresented by the AKP administration as you may have felt misrepresented by the Bush administration a couple of years ago. Never forget, that these people probably including many of the imprisoned Journalists, respect your accomplishments in literature and the statement you've made.
I hope for a future, in which the circumstances will not only allow secular and humanist thoughts to spread, but also will allow you to visit the beautiful country, that Turkey is.
Best regards,