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Better late than never

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, I do not read as much as I would like. However, I have read 3 or 4 of your books and I have really enjoyed them. I bought 4 more and will read them when I can.

I live in Turkey. Recently you stated that you would not visit Turkey since there is no complete freedom of expression here. Maybe it did not receive a big coverage in global media but still thank you for raising some awareness about this issue.

Since you made such a remark, I assume you do not see yourself just as an author but also a human rights advocate. If that is the case, please re-consider this one principal. If we achieve complete freedom of expression in Turkey during your and my lifetime, it would be great to celebrate it with you. However, what would mean even more is that if you actually visit Turkey, support the human rights advocates and activists here and draw global attention to the situation in Turkey during the struggle to achieve such freedom.

My humble opinion is that if you visit Turkey, you should not come as a guest of any political party but maybe just to visit the jailed journalists (those who were jailed just because of their articles and books). No political party in the parliament supports complete freedom of expression.

Thank you for all the great books you write and the pleasant moments you bring into our lives.

Best regards,