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Regards From Turkey

I just want to say something, want to give my thanks.
There is a country. A democratic and modern country. Thinking is free in this country. But... Saying what you thinking?.. That's makes you prisoner. If you didn't think as they though. They... Who this people have a power!

Some people didn't afraid and told what they think. This evil power made them "others" and prisoner. Some people is afraid and they still shut their mouths. Those mouths like a locked door and thinkings are prisoner in their soul. Thats kill their souls.

So... Thank you Paul Auster. You did that. You said what those people want to said. You saw those people. You saw this evil power. You saw those poisoned souls. You said something for the "others."

I don't know. Maybe i will be guilty for this message. But i have to say somethings as you said.

Regards from our hearts!