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Requesting a minors picture be removed!

I am the S@A of the Alabama Chapter of Boozefighters.
Several of our member have asked that a minors picture be removed from the website. No one gives a **** from the Faunsdale email address obviously.
So what court house do I go to in order to find out the person who needs to hear my complaint. Picture 60, "hello" has got to go!

Re: Requesting a minors picture be removed!

If several new she was underage, why wasnt security notified during the rally so SHE could be removed? Security should card everyone that comes through the gate. Thats the point of age restrictions, so **** like this doesnt happen. If you are your friends are aware of underage people at a rally it is your responsibility to notify the proper people. NO ONE UNDER 18! Its that way for a reason!

Re: Re: Requesting a minors picture be removed!

Thank you just wondering for saying that. I totally agree with you. I am the person who does the web site. I went back and looked at my drafts and there were 2 letters asking that the picture be removed. As soon as I got the letters I sent them to the person who puts the pictures on the page and ask him to remove it. It may have taken a few days to get it done but it did get taken care of. And as for Bubba my question to was why did he bring a minor into the rally. Security tries to keep a check on the age limit but sometimes someone can slip through the loop. If Bubba thinks he needs to take this to court let him it is his club members that are in the picture with her and well over the age of 18 would that not be called child pornography? Hope we do not have any more problems like this in the future.