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Fall Faunsdale!

Looking so forward to the fall rally! Our group attendance keeps growing every year. This year we will have 3 sites and we are pumped and ready to party! Thanks for always having just what a bike rally should be!!

See you next month!!

Freebird Buyback

Re: Fall Faunsdale!

I remember the Freebirds!
Hey guys, spoke with Bob last week and confirmed that HAYWIRE will be at the Fall Rally 2007 to rock the night away once more.
See ya'll then!


Hello, Bob i have been coming to faunsdale since it was $10.00 for all weekend.
You told every one then it'll never go over that, now couple years later its
$25.00. now this weekend i was there and you charged me not only $25.00 per
person, but and additional $25.00 for my truck, thats just not right!. your
events are really great and serve a great biker cause, but you can NOT charge
gulf coast blow out prices, its not that big or that great compared to the blow
out. i talked to maybe 100+ people about the " EXTRA FEE PER VEHICLE" and they
,like me were all ****** off.
Friday at slicks i saw 1 naked women and just hand full of tilts, this is
getting a little over priced i, and many others think. i don't think i will be
returning to your events, I and others are going to start going to BamaFest in
fork land.
much more tilts , nudes, and half your prices. all the people i asked say its
half the people over there but much more happening. BOB reconsider the $25.00
vehicle pass.....
Thanks Ron..

p.s please forward this to the correct person Bob Walker