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Re: 25.00 Support Veh. charge

Bob we've been coming there for years, and usully have had very few complants, but this year has been banner year for unhappy people, All we heard in the fall rally, from our group is how they got charged for bring there support veh. in the gate and that they wouldn't have had a problem with that if they where told prior to driving the hundrad or so miles to come, and then get hit with the extra 25.00 charge at the gate. The Bottom Line... We are greatful for your holding this rally out there, but last minite charges and letting the cops hang out in there all night long (The spring F.O.P rally) rally is a good way to stop making so much money...Try charging 40.00 for the weekend for each person on a bike or support Veh, letting your "regular Band" play on Friday night(there gitting better!!) and getting a headliner for Sat.night and see if you can't make enough money to buy the whole dam city...Just remember,"If you Build it they will come." and tell you staff "dam good job!" A loyal fan of the rally and a friend to many.

Re: Re: 25.00 Support Veh. charge - by Nancy - Oct 15, 2007 8:48pm
Re: Re: Re: 25.00 Support Veh. charge - by BigSweaty - Oct 15, 2007 10:13pm
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