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Old scam warning

A club member recently had a bad experience in the process of selling an MG part thru an ad in the MOWOG news and wanted me to pass this warning along to club members so they would be aware that even in the little old MOWOG News, scammers are active! Here are that member's comments, well worth remembering.

"Someone contacted me to purchase a rack I advertised in the Mowog News.
He claimed to be from NY, and sent me a bank check. The check was $940.00 more than the cost of the rack. He claimed it was a mistake and asked me to send him back the difference. This sent up a red flag. It is an old scam.
He is not from NY, but used a call forward through a NY number.
I had the check looked at by the bank and it was a counterfeit. If a local bank cleared it, and I sent him the difference, it would have come back as a bad check later and I would been responsible for the whole amount.
I am sending this so you can alarm others who advertised in the newsletter, in case they are being targeted as well.

Warning indicators:

1st text from him was 4am. (probably not from this state, and probably not from the country.)
The text showed he did not know english very well.
The check came by USPS (2nd day) from Colorado, not N.Y.
I call the N.Y. number associated with the text, and heard the call forwarding tone. They did not speak english good enough to communicate.
Check was a counterfeit copy of a older style that Bank America used.

Re: Old scam warning

Almost two years ago I sold a motorcycle on ebay. It ended up ok and a man from New York state picked it and paid in full in cash in person. Others tried to bid on it and they all had very good stories to tell on how I should work with them and they would pay extra. They are all a scam. Do cash only sales. Even if they do Paypal or credit card they can complain that you misrepresented the item and get their money back and leave you high and dry. There are many very good forged bank checks too.

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