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E10 gasoline

Hi there, Is E10 gasoline suitable for T series MGs? Are there any limitations on using E10 in any types of gasoline powered cars?
I have an MG TF 1500 in Europe and I am considering bringing it over to CT.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: E10 gasoline

You can, without worry, fill the TF tank with E-10 gasoline. Engine will run fine on it.
Keep an eye on your fuel lines, as some old lines were rubber-lined, and may begin to leak. Lines today are lined with teflon and are unaffected.
An old SU fuel pump may have a diaphragm susceptible to ethanol. New pumps handle E-10 without troubles.
TF’s carburettor floats are brass-unaffected by the fuel.
Owners worry about “phase separation” occurring in the fuel tank. That is not a concern with TFs, as the fuel is taken from bottom of the tank. If there were to be separation, the water would go straight to the carbs, where it is easily syringed out of the float chamber.
Drive the car happily-the E-10 fuel concern is not significant.

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