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VIN Verification in CT

We are restoring a 1979 MG Midget 1500,we have got her to the stage where she runs and drives but the body work is a rusty mess (what's new). Anyway I wanted to register the car with the DMV before starting the full restoration. We bought the car from Mass so I believe I need a VIN verification. My question is can we have this done at any authorized garage or do I need to go to the DMV Inspection lane? Reason I ask is I could not see MG on the list of approved motor manufacturers. Just to confirm I also do not need an emission test as the Midget was built in 1979?


Gary and Liz

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Re: VIN Verification in CT

Take a look here. I believe you can visit any VIN verification station listed.


Your Midget no longer requires a CT Emissions test.

Good luck,

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Re: VIN Verification in CT

Thank you will let you know how I get on

Car Model MG Midget 1500

Re: VIN Verification in CT

Take it to a small inspection place if you have a choice. When I had mine done, the young man had never seen an MG. I brought along Horler's book and showed him the location of the VIN. No problem.

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