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greetings to all,

after replacing the angle drive from the transmission three times I thought I should try a different approach.

The speedometer does work when I hook the cable up to a drill. This has been the case each time I replace the

angle drive at the transmission. Each time the angle drive is replaced the speedometer has worked for

approximately 50 to 60 miles before the cable inside the angle drive shreds to a ball of loose wire. Still, the

speedo will work when hooked up to a drill. I just got word from Nisonger Instruments today that they have

finished rebuilding the speedometer but there was nothing wrong with it. I noticed there was another angle drive

in back of the speedometer but Nisonger said there was nothing they could do about that. So..... what to do now.

As far as I can see the cable is fine as it has worked fine every time I have tested the speedometer. Running a

new speedometer cable is not the easiest thing to do as is taking out the speedometer on a B. I'm aware of the

theory of using an overdrive cable to eliminate the angle drive but just not sure it's worth the effort if it's

not the problem!

I thank you in advance for your advice

Car Model 1968 mgb mkII

Re: speedometer

Ken, I saw some info on Moss about a Tech Bulletin from 1968 about needing to have a washer installed at the gearbox angle drive to prevent failure. Let me know if you cannot find it and I can send the PDF I saved.


Car Model MGB

Re: speedometer

Hi Rich,
thanks for the reply. I have that bulletin also. they send it with the angle drive. I am thinking of installing the O D cable but have heard from some that puts extra strain on the system. I will give it some more thought and then decide on a plan and hope for the best. cheers

Car Model 1968 mgb mkII

Re: speedometer

I became weary of speedo issues and installed a Speedhut GPS unit. Very happy with it- no mechanical issues- always accurate regardless of transmission, gearing or tire sizes. It did require a slight dash hole enlargement.

Car Model 1970 MGB

Re: speedometer

George, thanks for the reply. I have heard of MG owners going in that direction. I at this time am to far along to change direction. Rebuilt speedo, new cable and angle drive. I'm just trying to find the time to crawl back under. cheers

Car Model 1968 mgb