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The Kitzhof Run

Well, a few of us in our MGs met and headed for our breakfast stop at the Mug& Muffin in Monson to wait for the rain to slow down (so much for that idea!). It did slow a bit for our pit stop at Yankee Candle and was gone for our stop at the Bridge of Flowers. There, we admired the flowers growing across the bridge, the flooding waters thundering over the dam, and, of course, a bit of ice cream. Then on to the Kitzhof Inn for the weekend adventure. Friday evening, a nice outside dinner for all at a local restaurant. Saturday, breakfast at Kitzhof, a tour around the country side, including a farmers market, a Vermont Country Store, and lunch at a Scottish restaurant before heading back to the Inn for relaxing before Dinner. Enjoying the weekend with us were a few folks from the British Motor Cars of New Hampshire, always an enjoyable group to be with. Saturday, with Simon arranging all the British cars, we assembled for our weekend photo-shot. Then a departure for home, bidding Simon and Alison a fond farewell till next fall. (and a thank you for another fine time in Vermont). Marvin.

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Re: The Kitzhof Run

I could not say it any better or agree more! Great time was had by all! Thanks Simon and Alison.

Gary and Kelly

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