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Abingdon Spares C&C

Again, thanks go out to our wonderful friends and hosts of yesterdays cars & coffee at Abingdon Spares in Deep River. A brisk but dry morning provided for a beautiful and colorful autumn top down run in the TD with friend Grant in his B. A nice turnout with many friends, new and old, provided for great conversation and a lot of eye candy. Just as nice, the return run with Bob K. in his TF. Just another mighty fine day!! Marvin (Can't ignore the Halloween decorations along the way!)

Car Model '60 MGA, '52 MGTD MKII

Re: Abingdon Spares C&C

I agree it was a great day. I think I counted over 30 cars, good turnout. Thank you Ed and Martin for the coffee and donuts!

Car Model MGB