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Cars and Coffee at Abingdon Spares

Thanks to all who attended our latest Cars & Coffee July 8th. It is always great to see a good turnout of interesting cars and people at these get togethers. Abingdon Spares is always glad to host these informal events. It really is the people, not the cars, that make these gatherings such an enjoyable morning for everyone. And thanks to everyone for not leaving anything in the parking lot except a few oil spots! See you all next time!

Re: Cars and Coffee at Abingdon Spares

Now that the word has come out that Abingdon Spares has been sold and is leaving the state, I will miss these Cars and Coffee that you put on. I have met some very nice people at this event. We are losing a convenient and well run company that you all took a lot of pride in. Thank you for your partnership with the MG club of CT.

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Re: Cars and Coffee at Abingdon Spares

What Andre said times many. All will be missed. Thanks Ed, Martin, and Matt for everything you guys have provided. Marv.

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Re: Cars and Coffee at Abingdon Spares

I also would like to thank Ed, Martin and Matt for all that they did to promote and support the MG mark.
And in addition to that, the Cars and Coffee events were wonderful!!

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