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Guidance needed. Please

I have a 78 MGB that I purchased 2 years ago from the original owners wife. I installed a new gas tank, all new brakes, and a new fuel pump Apparently the original owner had an after market fuel pump in it with unknown wiring issues. Is there someone in the club that would offer some guidance or help getting my car running? Took the car to Riverside Auto and he had it for 8 months and charged me $1200 and told me we should scrap it. What? Car runs with auxiliary tank to carb. My number is 860-608-6498. My name is Robert.

Car Model 78 MGB

Re: Guidance needed. Please

What was their reason for the recommendation to scrap it? Rusted out sills is a common reason which could easily cost more than the car is worth but they should have told you that before the $1200 job. You don't want to dump more money into a car that isn't worth fixing. If the car doesn't have major rust you should be able to fix it and have fun with it.