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Representive Church Body Library

Do you have to pay a fee to see if they have the record you are looking for.In my reasearch I'm looking for the Bap of Robert WOOD/S b Dernaweel Killashandra 1837/1838.It fits into the timeframe they have for Bap for Killashandra.
Thanks Rae

Re: Representive Church Body Library

I believe there would be a fee. I have only used them once. I asked them to check Church Histories for a biographies of someone I am distantly related to. There was a charge.

Re: Representive Church Body Library

What do you mean by the Rep Church Body LIbrary ? Is this for the Church of Ireland only. My people would be Catholic . Thanks.

Re: Representive Church Body Library

I believe you need to commission research at the RCB. I used them once, to ask for Parish histories with information on a relative who was in the church. I did pay for that research.
I have heard that they may be digitizing records.