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MISSION STATEMENT: It is the goal of the Scorpion Site Ring to bring together arachnologists and arachnoculturists from the international community with an avid interest and fascination with scorpions, who have created websites devoted to scorpions and the dissemination of information regarding the arachnid Order Scorpiones. It is also the intent of the Scorpion Site Ring to serve as an online resource for those interested in all aspects of scorpiology and to serve as a source of timely and readily available information to the general public. Disclaimer: Webpage owners are responsible for the information they present. All sites are in order of submission dates and incoming sites may be peer reviewed for acceptance. Acknowledgments: Thanks to Mark Newton from Australia for providing the Liocheles image and Luc Ross (Michigan) for the revised mission statement. This web-ring is hosted by Bravenet without cost so please disregard the pop up/under ads at will. Three sites added by Ring Owner in '08: Scorpion Lab at AMNH; REVSYS: Revision of Vaejovidae; Euscorpius. Major Update 15.Sept.2010: Removed sites no longer active -6. Updated: 12.June.2013.

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