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Hello, Bob i have been coming to faunsdale since it was $10.00 for all weekend.
You told every one then it'll never go over that, now couple years later its
$25.00. now this weekend i was there and you charged me not only $25.00 per
person, but and additional $25.00 for my truck, thats just not right!. your
events are really great and serve a great biker cause, but you can NOT charge
gulf coast blow out prices, its not that big or that great compared to the blow
out. i talked to maybe 100+ people about the " EXTRA FEE PER VEHICLE" and they
,like me were all ****** off.
Friday at slicks i saw 1 naked women and just hand full of tilts, this is
getting a little over priced i, and many others think. i don't think i will be
returning to your events, I and others are going to start going to BamaFest in
fork land.
much more tilts , nudes, and half your prices. all the people i asked say its
half the people over there but much more happening. BOB reconsider the $25.00
vehicle pass.....
Thanks Ron..

p.s please forward this to the correct person Bob Walker